Published On: 16/06/2024|2.9 min read|

‘Stay safe’ message as football fans heading out to watch Euro 2024 games encouraged to make the most of public transport

Football fans are encouraged to stay safe and make the most of public transport as Euro 2024 kicks off this weekend, with venues across the city centre and Greater Manchester gearing up to show all the big games. 

Pubs, bars and fan zones are sure to be buzzing with Euros fever as fans enjoy the emotional rollercoaster the tournament will no doubt provide. 

With thousands of fans across the region are expected to gather over drinks to watch the games, people are advised to take extra care when boarding or departing trams on the Metrolink, and crossing tram tracks, as alcohol can affect judgement and co-ordination. 

The Safer Roads Greater Manchester Partnership is also raising awareness of the dangers and of driving after consuming alcohol or taking drugs, with police recording high number of arrests for drink/drug driving offences during previous major football tournaments*.  

 Chief Inspector Michael Parker from Greater Manchester Police’s Road Policing Unit said: “We know that football fans will be out and about enjoying Euro 2024, and while we don’t want to discourage people from enjoying the tournament, we want everyone to stay safe and ensure lives are not put at risk.  

 “Driving while under the influence of alcohol can have devastating consequences, so if you’re going out to watch a match and know you’ll be drinking, remove the temptation to get behind the wheel by planning your journey home in advance. Same applies the next morning – ask yourself if you’re safe to drive before getting in the car.  

 “We have comprehensive patrol plans in place to provide extra visibility, deter crime and antisocial behaviour and reassure members of the public who will be out watching the football. Whatever the results are, we are urging everyone to behave responsibly, look out for one another and be mindful of the impact that negative behaviour can have on fellow supporters and our communities. 

 “You can report crime by calling 101, or by using the LiveChat function at In an emergency, always dial 999.”

The best way for those heading out to enjoy every minute of the action and get home safely is to use public transport, with trams running until 1am on Friday and Saturday nights and until midnight Monday to Thursday and on Sundays.

The Bee Network app is ideal for planning journeys by bus or tram, with features including bus tracking and live departure times for local bus, tram and train stops and stations. There are also a range of tickets available on the app including capped bus fares and the AnyBus+Tram ticket. 

Fran Wilkinson, Customer and Growth Director at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), said: “We’re looking forward to everyone enjoying the Euros and following every twist and turn of what looks sure to be a really exciting tournament.  

“Our message to football fans heading out to catch the game on a big screen is to stay safe by using public transport - don’t risk having a drink and then getting behind the wheel of a car. 

“Wherever you’re going to watch the games, make sure you have a smooth journey there and back by allowing yourself plenty of time and planning ahead using the Bee Network app or website.  

“While emotions can run high during big football tournament please also be considerate of others when using public transport, and refrain from behaving in ways that could cause annoyance or make people feel uncomfortable or intimidated.”