Published On: 25/03/2024|1.4 min read|

Mia’s Beauty Sanctuary joins Altrincham BID as a Voluntary Member

Mia’s Beauty Sanctuary is a haven of pampering and elegance nestled in the heart of Altrincham, and is the latest business to join Altrincham BID as a voluntary member. Mia told us a little bit about the business.

"As the founder, Mia, I invite you to experience manicures and pedicures like never before. My commitment lies in providing services of the highest quality, tailored to your unique needs, style, and preferences. Beauty is more than a simple colour on our nails. It’s about a moment to unwind, and a chance to feel our absolute best.

At my tranquil sanctuary, I offer a range of treatments:

Meticulously Crafted Manicures: Whether you crave vibrant hues or understated elegance, from intricate nail art to timeless classics, I will be so happy to transform your nails.

Indulgent Pedicures: Sink into a plush recliner chair as I focus all my attention on your feet. My pedicures blend relaxation with meticulous care, leaving you walking on air.

Unique Nail Designs: Seek something extraordinary? You can choose colourful and unique nail designs to reflect your personality, turning every gesture into a statement.

Classic Finishes: For those who appreciate timeless beauty, whether it’s a classic French, a simple nude, or the beauty of your natural nails, look no further.

But that’s not all! Mia’s Beauty Sanctuary embraces family and furry friends. Additionally, for those with sensitive skin, I proudly offer hypoallergenic gel polishes—because beauty should never come at the cost of comfort.

Mia’s Beauty Sanctuary is a place where moments matter. With my gentle touch, skilled care and precision, my goal is for you to leave feeling beautiful and renewed."