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Published On: 20/11/2023|2.6 min read|

Beyond Barriers


Beyond Barriers are a community-focused trauma and wellbeing service which brings together psychology, yoga, nutrition and peer-support. They offer a more progressive way to help individuals, organisations and communities move beyond stress, adversity and trauma. Zoe Rivers, Director and Clinical Psychologist at Beyond Barriers, gave us a insight in to the services they offer;


"I’ve worked for over 15 years in specialist Clinical Psychology services, but left the NHS 4 years ago to found Beyond Barriers.  I left with a vision of something more progressive & inclusive, that could bring together  the essential elements of emotional health in one place.

We combine psychological therapy, yoga and nutrition to help a broad range of emotional health needs, but specialise in supporting people manage the impact of trauma and adversity. We’re community-focused and are here for individuals, businesses and communities.

Our compassionate, regulated therapists are safe pairs of hands to help you move through life’s challenges.  We can offer individual and group sessions, in our purpose designed therapy rooms in Altrincham.

We also offer alternatives to traditional staff wellbeing and EAP’s by helping small & medium businesses look after their staff and sustain an effective, healthy workforce. We offer workshops, away days, 8-week team programmes, 1:1 courses, Compassionate leadership programmes, and therapeutic mentoring.  Rather than wait for staff to struggle we want to build resilience in businesses to help them manage the challenges they are facing.

During my career I witnessed a lot of people unable to access the right sort of support, so I committed to make sure our services reach people who struggle to find quality  help.  And so, Beyond Barriers was founded as a non-profit Community Interest Company which puts all its profits  back into providing free trauma therapy to low income residents in Trafford. We fundraise through grant funding, corporate sponsorship and crowdfunding to keep our group therapy programme affordable or free.  And always welcome opportunities to work with local businesses around their charitable aims or corporate social responsibility.

In 2024 we’ll be working with local businesses to build an Emotionally Inclusive Business Network - a group of trusted, inclusive business who work with us to make their business accessible when people have strong emotional needs. We’ll be looking for businesses from  professional services, beauty, healthy & wellbeing and retail sectors.

We’ll also be rolling out our Emotional Health Checks for people who value an emotional MOT as well as physical ones. And we’ll be inviting business to consider sponsorship of our free trauma programme, help us  design an rentable outdoor well-being space, and  try our staff and leadership wellbeing programmes.

Our doors are always open to anyone who wants to work together to build a strong, resilient community in Altrincham."

For more information visit the website via the link below:




Published On: 17/07/2023|0 min read|

Beyond Barriers

Published On: 27/03/2023|0.6 min read|

Beyond Barriers

Beyond Barriers

18a Ashley Road
WA14 2DW

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Beyond Barriers CIC are non-profit specialist mental health providers. We offer therapy, staff support, inclusive trauma care and are passionate about creating emotionally inclusive communities in Altrincham and beyond.

Our specialist practitioners support a range of emotional health needs,
using tailored approaches:

  • Specialist psychological therapies
  • Yoga therapy & Nutrition
  • Emotional Health Checks
  • Workplace wellbeing and specialist staff support options for SMEs
  • Low cost Trauma programmes for disadvantaged Trafford residents

If you're you wanting to focus more on your own emotional health, or reduce burnout in your staff and improve workplace wellbeing please get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation