Published On: 19/02/2024|1.9 min read|

St George’s Church Join Altrincham BID as a Voluntary Member

St George's Church have recently joined Altrincham BID, and Reverend Claire Corley tells us why the church wanted to be involved.

'Hello! I'm the Rev. Claire Corley and I had the privilege of joining St George's Church in September 2022. From the day I started, I have absolutely loved this church - friendly people, a beautiful building and a real desire to bless our Parish and beyond.  We've been doing a lot of work since I arrived, on top of the Sunday and Wednesday Services, we've been building up our Festival Services - those big, traditional moments of community celebration where we gather together.  We have also been building up our mid-week groups that are open to all of the community, we've appointed a wonderful Children & Families lead who has started lots of new groups, including a Toddler Group, a play and movement group, and a weekly fun Junior Church in our main service.  We've also been joined by a new Director of Music, and have been thrilled to start a new choral choir for children too. We are also soon to embark on an exciting community consultation as we seek to make our church even more accessible, flexible and useful for the community that we serve.  In short life has not been dull and much more is planned too!

A sizable part of our Parish is our town centre.  We are acutely aware that a thriving economy is vital for the well being of this wonderful and vibrant town - most of our congregation are people who have, or are, working in the business sector. So we pray regularly for our business and the roads within our Parish. We've joined Altrincham BID for a number of reasons - one, to support the impressive work of Altrincham BID through our voluntary donations, but secondly, to enable us to bless the town in whatever way we can - whether that's through promoting what is going on, doing a one off event in the town itself, or enabling our premises to be used; we will seek to play our part to make Altrincham a thriving town centre, now and in the future too.'

You can find out more about St George's Church here