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From Burnout to Balance: Protecting Wellness at Work

A 6 session series of lunchtime workshops (12.30-1.30pm) with Beyond Barriers, tailored to the needs of Altrincham's SMEs and fully funded by Altrincham BID.

As a business owner, you know that wellness at work is a vital component for your health, productivity and satisfaction. However, many leaders and employees experience burnout due to stress, heavy workloads, and deprioritising self-care in busy times. That's why Beyond Barriers offer support to prevent burnout, promote work-life balance, and increase emotional capacity - particularly through the post-pandemic & financial challenges we're all facing.

The team of psychologists at Beyond Barriers will guide you and your employees through psychological tools and restorative yoga sessions to find balance at work. These will include:

1. Understanding Burnout & the Blocks to Wellbeing (Wednesday 19th June)
If you find yourself ‘pedalling’ hard to get through your week without finding respite, this session is for you. We’ll help you map out your individual stress response and recognise your specific blocks to self-care using relatable psychological approaches

2. The Oxygen Mask session (Wednesday 24th July)
If you're looking for more work-life balance this session will help you value and prioritise self-care more and persuade you on the role of self-compassion. This session is great for those of us who notice self-criticism or self-doubt creeping into our work life, and will help you address unmet needs that create stress.

3. Yoga for Sleep Recovery (Wednesday 21st August)
Many people find their relationship with sleep changes when they’re stressed or becoming burnt out. Our specialist yoga therapist will take you through practices and habits to find more restorative sleep and daytime energy.

4. Tools for Wellbeing (Wednesday 18th September)  Sometimes we lose touch with the things that support our wellbeing. In this practical session you’ll find stress management tools that suit your personal preferences, look at your ‘Circles of Control’ to help you manage change and loss of control, and test out the benefit of ‘everyday mindfulness’.

5. Yoga for Burnout (Wednesday 16th October) This restorative session will demonstrate how to regulate your stress-response through movement, meditation & rest. You will identify your top three takeaways to start improving your relationship with stress and you'll be provided with a practice sheet of a 'simple yoga sequence' to take home. A great session if you know that your body is holding stress or tension.

6. When Work Hurts (Wednesday 20th November): Sometimes we find ourselves compromised and hurt by the work we try to do - maybe we cant work in a way that's aligned to our values, get the outcomes we want, hear stories of distress, or our working environment is unhealthy. This session is particularly useful for professional services such as lawyers, health care providers, leaders or anyone who finds that work affects their confidence in their role. This session will help us understand Moral Injury & Trauma and secondary trauma at work, start working to our values, and find emotional safety in our workplace.

There will be 12 places at each session and the course can be booked as a whole or as individual sessions.

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