Published On: 20/03/2024|3 min read|

Ask the Expert with RMS – Are You Selling Your business?

RMS are an Altrincham-based PR, digital marketing, web development and design agency founded by Ruth Shearn. RMS have worked with some big names including Warburtons, JD, Manchester Drinks Co, the NHS and many more.

Are you thinking of selling your business?! We asked Ruth for her top tips on how marketing and PR can contribute to a higher value.

Thinking of selling your business?

There are many reasons business owners decide it’s time to sell.  If you’re thinking about your exit plan, read on to see how carefully managed marketing and PR can contribute to a higher valuation.

Perhaps you feel you’ve taken your business as far as you can and it needs a new owner to take it to the next level. You might sense challenges times ahead or be exhausted from battling them in the past.

Your product or service could be in such strong demand that the time is right to make a killing. Personal issues might motivate your decision. Or it could simply be you’re keen to retire and enjoy the fruits of their labours.

Whatever your reason, you will want to achieve the best possible price. Most professional advisers will suggest you reduce your overheads in a bid to increase profits ahead of a sale. This is clearly sound advice but there is one exception …

The couple of years before you plan to sell, is the very time you should be ramping up your marketing activity. If there is ever a time to be bold, it’s when you want a potential acquirer to come knocking.

A carefully planned and strategic approach to your marketing activity will not only help increase your sales – growing the value of your business – it will also get your business on the radar of potential buyers.  And we all know that having several interested parties has the potential to … increase your value.

We’ve been supporting SMEs of all sizes and from most sectors for over 30 years.  We know what’s needed and how to plan an effective programme of activity to meet your strategic business goals.

Without giving away the crown jewels, here are a few tips for you to consider:

Start early

Positive communications about your business should be escalated at least a couple of years before an exit process begins. News articles commentary and interviews secured in key publications, supported by wider strategic communications, will ensure your business is recognised as  ‘one to watch’ – sparking acquisition interest.

Celebrate achievements

Never shy away from publicising positive news about your business - client and contract wins, anniversaries, senior hires or project success. As well as getting your name ‘out there’, sharing success creates a halo effect around your business, positioning it as successful.

Social media

Don’t overlook the importance of social media. Of course, it’s a great tool for raising brand awareness among prospective customers and clients but it can also help put your business in front of a corporate audience of potential investors, competitors and acquirers.

Internal communications

Give consideration to how, when or if you will communicate your plans to colleagues and staff.

Handling the marketing and communications before, during and after a business sale requires a very specific set of skills that will deliver exponential returns. If you’d like to hear about how we’ve been proving this claim for decades, please contact Ruth Shearn on 07881 772960 in strictest confidence.